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Chair: Janet Falk (

The Communication Committee serves as the interface between RIRA and the general public. 

The committee maintains RIRA's website (, providing community information, general information about RIRA, and access to the organization's public records. The committee also maintains RIRA's calendar and social media presence, sharing information on Facebook ( Our goal is to be a trusted resource, providing insight into the issues that affect the lives of Island residents.

If you are a writer or web developer and wish to work with the committee, please contact Janet Falk. You will be notified of the next meeting, which is generally held at 425 Main Street.

From the RIRA Bylaws:
There shall be a Communication Committee that shall assist other committees and the officers of the Common Council with communications activities.
Subject to the prior approval of the Common Council, the Committee may: publish a RIRA newsletter; represent RIRA to the news media; and/or publish a calendar of RIRA events.
This committee shall be chaired by the Chairperson of Communication.

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