Fight for Democracy

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Senate Finance Committee created a tsunami that swept democracy into the East River for Roosevelt Islanders. Governor Cuomo appointed an unelected, non-Island resident, Dr. Sal Ferrera, Executive Director of The Child School, to replace our elected Board member, Jonathan Kalkin on the RIOC Board of Directors. Ferrera’s bid was backed by Republican Senator from Brooklyn, Martin Golden, who received a campaign contribution from Ferrera’s prior workplace. 

We need to send the message to Governor Cuomo, Senator Golden and Dr. Ferrera that back-door politics, ignoring democratic principles, and treating Roosevelt Island like a colony, where favors and money buy their way into our governance, is totally unacceptable!

Are you Outraged? Take action!

Sign our petition!

Online Petition
Petitions are all about volume, so let your friends and organizations know, help spread the word! Refer them to for action items and updates. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, LinkedIn... Whatever social network you are part of! The more places people can find our petition the better! Let's make it viral!

Also, be on the lookout for our team collecting signatures on the Island for the physical petition.

Contact our representatives

Call or write to them: Let our State Assemblyman, Micah Kellner, and our State Senator, Jose Serrano know how important this issue is to you:, 

Join our protest at the Governor's Office Wednesday, June 29

Join your neighbors and friends at the Governor’s Manhattan office. Remind our Governor that the U.S. Constitution imparts the right to live in democracy to all citizens of the U.S., and that our forefathers died to protect democratic principles, not make the world safe for Public Benefit Corporations and government by appointment!

The protest will on Wednesday, June 29, from 11 am to 1 pm. We will be across the street from the Governor's office, at 633 3rd Ave. Watch this website and the kiosks for updates.  Be sure to wear your red, white and blue and bring signs 

Tell RIOC's board how unsatisfied you are

Attend RIOC's board meeting on Wednesday June 29, 5:30pm at Manhattan Park Community Center (8 River Road).
Sign up for a slot to address the board at the public comment period.

Place red, white and blue posters and signs in your windows.

Get the kids involved in this modern day fight against autocracy with creative designs to express the point. Awards for creativity will be made at the Governor’s office.

Join the Democracy Team

Contact the Chairperson, Bill Long ( for further information.