RIRA Election

On November 6, 2018, Roosevelt Islanders will go to the polls to elect resident representatives for President and Vice-President of the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) and individual building members of RIRA's Common Council, a total of 44 members:

Southtown = 11 
546 Main St. (1 Senior and 1 Disabled Resident) = 2 
The rest of Roosevelt Landings = 7
Rivercross = 3
Island House = 3
Westview = 3
2 River Road = 1 
4 River Road = 1
Manhattan Park (10-40 RR) = 8
Octagon = 5

To run for office, nominate yourself using this form (http://bit.ly/2xLLraU). For more information, please contact Janet Falk at 212-677-5770

Responsibilities of RIRA Officers and Common Council Members:

Common Council Members:  Common Council Members shall volunteer for membership on at least one Committee.

Any RIRA member (any resident) that is not a Member of the Common Council may serve on any committee if approved by the Chairperson of that committee. Council Members are expelled from the Council if they fail to attend three consecutive sessions. As Common Council Members are subject to the requirements of Article II Section I (c), which requires them to be a member of t least one Committee, any such expelled Council Member must select another Committee in order to continue to comply with such Section.

Alternates:  In general, Alternates that attend Council meetings may speak during the deliberations, but may note vote. However, in the event that a regular Council Member is absent, the first Alternate for that District may vote. If the first alternate is not available, then the second alternate may vote, and so on. 

President: The President shall be the chief executive officer and the principal spokesperson of RIRA, a voting Member of the Common Council, presiding officer of all meetings of the Council and of the Town Meeting, and an ex officio member of all committees. It shall be the responsibility of the President to co-sign with the Treasurer all checks.

Vice President: The Vice President shall supervise all RIRA elections, all communications, both internal and external, of RIRA,secretarial services that are not the responsibility of the Secretary, legal representation (in coordination with the Chairperson of the Legal Action Committee, should it exist), auditing of the finances of RIRA, membership participation and fund-raising. To perform the responsibilities of office, the Vice President shall supervise the Nominations Committee, the Election Committee, the Auditor and, should it exist, the Communications Committee. In the temporary absence or inability to serve of the President, the responsibilities of the President shall be assumed by the Vice President who will serve as President Pro Tempore. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice President shall become the President until the completion of the term.