Public Purpose Funds

Chair: Dave Evans


This Ad Hoc Committee was established as part of a RIRA Common Council community service effort to assist the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) in the review of grant applications submitted by Island-based nonprofits for Public Purpose Funds (PPF). The activities of this Committee have evolved over time. The Committee makes a recommendation to RIOC and the RIOC Board of Directors is the final decision-maker regarding the distribution of funds that support qualified Island nonprofit organizations. The Committee recommends funds that would benefit Roosevelt Island residents, enhancing their quality of life through, for example, education, artistic and cultural enrichment, improved health and activity and a better environment.

Public Purpose Funds first became available after the construction of Manhattan Park in 1989, when New York State (NYS) allowed the fund to be established in lieu of the commercial developers paying sales tax on construction materials. 

The PPF program was placed on hold in February 2015 pending RIOC clarification of a ruling by the NYS Authorities Budgeting Office.  Given the dynamics of various circumstances surrounding the matter of the these funds and the recent outcome, the PPF Committee was allowed to re-start its efforts.  As of October 2015 , the Committee is evaluating applications from nine Island nonprofits.  Once the Committee completes the evaluation phase, the RIRA Common Council will review their findings and recommendations.  Subsequently, an approved PPF Committee report will be submitted to RIOC and its Board for a final decision.  

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