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9/11 Memorial Piece by Asher Elbaz

posted Sep 11, 2011, 5:35 PM by Lynne Strong Shinozaki   [ updated Sep 17, 2011, 11:09 AM by Vinicius Fortuna ]

9/11 Memorial Piece by Asher Elbaz

How many souls must travel and soar 

while their families and companions are left here to mourn

how many times must we break

the timer that determines the length of a life as part of the human race

how many times must we not care for others

how long will it be until we learn to love each other

how long do we all have to sit here and wait

until we find out that we are, 

all the same.

A body, and a soul

two great components that make up one whole

time, and good measure

the pain we feel today will turn out for the better

please let the tears that we cry out today

rain on the seeds of Redemptions gate,

and let those seeds grow into trees that don't break

love for us all yeah we are,

all the same. 

truth, and compassion 

we undermine the worth of our ability to listen

the millions that cry, for help that they deserve but we hold our hands high

please let it be that the truth be told

that goodness is one universal goal

and let that goal win over honor and ego

jump into darkness and let

your light show


Oh how do I pray to our Father Above, please do protect all the ones that we love