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President's Report - December 2010

posted Jan 3, 2011, 9:20 PM by Vinicius Fortuna   [ updated Jan 27, 2011, 9:42 PM ]
  • New on-line contact and Attendance sheet set up by Vini Fortuna.    

  • Note future RIRA meeting dates and put them on your calendars.

  • Re-opening of the Tram.  Many RIRA members were in attendance and got to test out the new system and ride in the new cars.

  • RIOC has instated open office hours; RIOC Community Liaison, Erica Wilder, will be available every Wednesday, 3-5 p.m.  Main Street WIRE and Roosevelt Islander blog will be broadcasting this information for community awareness.  It’s important for the community to use this service or it will be discontinued; please drop in and introduce yourselves to Erica.

  • Hydrofracking was brought to RIRA’s attention in the last Common Council by Vice President Ellen Polivy and we’ve now heard the State Assembly has passed a moratorium bill, previously endorsed by the State Senate that will hold off any further drilling until May, 2011.  Community Board 8 (of which Ellen is a member) has come out against hydrofracking and she will keep us apprised of any changes.

  • Katz has suggested to the resident RIOC Board Directors that it would serve the community well should they meet occasionally with the residents.  Speaking at the Board meetings is a formal affair.  A less formal setting and more convenient time, perhaps at one of our “watering holes” would be more conducive to communications.  Lynne Shinozaki has suggested that RIRA host the first meeting and to that end Katz will see if the Directors are amenable to this idea at the next RIOC Board meeting, December 15.  

  • Tonight RIRA will be electing Committee Chairs and assembling committee members.  Written reports from the Chairs the Friday before the RIRA meeting are required.  Only if a meeting is held after this deadline or there is late-breaking news, will oral reports be accepted.  In January the Council will elect a Public Purpose Funds Committee Chair and assemble the committee members, whose responsibility is to suggest to RIOC the allocation of $100,000 to Island groups requesting financial aid.

  • Happy holidays to everyone.

By Matthew Katz