These specialized committees of RIRA serve the community, as summarized below. Click on each committee to learn more about its scope of activities and agenda.

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee assists other committees and the officers of the Common Council with communication activities. It maintains the website, the Facebook page and a Calendar of RIRA and Island-wide events.

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee was established to undertake a holistic review of the RIRA-Common Council's Constitution and Bylaws. These documents are most important to the organization as they, among other things, govern its operations and activities. After a full review, the Committee will recommend changes it thinks necessary to the appropriate fora for their consent consistent with established procedures.

Government Relations Committee

There shall be a Government Relations Committee that shall be the representative of RIRA to their various
Government representatives; to ensure the establishment and maintenance of ongoing relations with local, state and
federal government and quasi-governmental officials; and to support RIRA and other local groups approved by the
Council in their relationships with government.

Housing Committee

There shall be a Housing Committee that shall represent to the Council the issues and concerns of residents
regarding the management, living conditions and rental policies of the residential buildings on the Island. It shall
also serve as the liaison for the Council to the various building committees and housing task forces.

Island Services Committee

There shall be an Island Services Committee that shall supervise for the Council the delivery of transportation, parks
and recreation, sanitation, postal and commercial services; supervise common facilities; and assist individuals and
organizations who may experience problems obtaining the services due them.

It is also responsible for recommending and implementing RIRA policy on all matters relating to common means of
transportation on and/or to and from Roosevelt Island.

Planning Committee

There shall be a Planning Committee that shall represent the Council on matters involving future development of
Roosevelt Island, including but not limited to commercial development, housing, vehicular access, transportation,
social services and energy; monitor and recommend RIRA positions on planning matters; and recommend changes
in the structure, constitution and programs of RIRA to ensure its continued effectiveness.

It is also responsible for recommending and implementing RIRA policy on all matters relating to energy
conservation, distribution and generation.

Public Safety Committee

There shall be a Public Safety Committee that shall recommend and implement RIRA policy on all matters related
to safety, security and vehicular traffic and parking on Roosevelt Island.

Social, Cultural and Educational Services Committee

There shall be a Social, Cultural and Educational Services Committee that shall represent the Council and RIRA
to social, cultural and educational organizations that are not a part of RIRA and to supervise such organizations
that are a part of RIRA. Additionally, this committee shall be the fund-raising arm of RIRA and shall actively seek
individuals to participate in RIRA affairs.

Ad Hoc Committees

Committees are created on an as-needed basis to implement special project.