The RIRA Election Committee convenes every two years to recruit candidates, hold candidate forums and organize elections for RIRA officers (President and Vice President) and the 42 members of the Common Council. Elections are held on the first Tuesday in November, at the same time as U.S. elections. The Election Committee take great pride in the honor and integrity of ensuring the elections are fair and impartial.

In 2014, the Election Committee purchased a new technology, Scantron, which promoted accuracy and ease of use for the general public, in lieu of paper ballots or voting machines. This system will also save the Council money for future elections. We will continue to improve the framework and functions to promote increased interaction with the voting public. We will build on the success of the most recent election, which had one of the highest voter turnouts, to work toward making the Island a better place for everyone who lives here.

Elections for representatives to the RIRA Common Council are held every two years, most recently in 2020.